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Requested Information
1. Why do you want to work in this strange restaurant?
2. Explain the most difficult physical labor you’ve ever done, regardless of whether you would ever want to do it again.
3. How long can you work standing up without a break?
4. What and when was the last music concert you attended?
5. Name five music groups that you enjoy and own copies of their music. (BE HONEST)
6. If you could be anywhere, doing anything you desire, what would you be doing today?
7. How much money do you expect to earn here in the next 3 months? (Give total, not hourly rate).
8. Do most people who like you think you are weird? Why or why not?
9. Are you a prompt person?
11. Tell us one thing that someone criticized you for today.
12. Tell us one thing that you criticized someone else for today.
13. Do you have a good short term memory?
14. Do you think you would want to be a manager here?
14. Give your personal information. (i.e. name, address, phone # , and any other info you want us to know).